TechGrid Designer Pro is a state-of-the-art, highly automated and fully integrated design tool for the detailed engineering of reinforced soil walls using Techgrid Geogrids as the soil reinforcement. Equipped with multiple design methods and compatible with wide range of facings and with complete integration of the design and drawing processes, it automatically generates design reports, clear and comprehensive construction drawings and quantity estimates.

It scores over other programs in terms of speed, efficiency, accuracy, versatility and capabilities. It takes the drudgery out of the design process and enables the designers to use their valuable time more creatively and profitably.

TechGrid Designer Pro integrates the processes of design, drawings and quantity surveys and facilitates seamless coordination between the design, procurement and construction teams.It immensely helps in improving efficiency and faster completion of projects.


Whether the project is big or small, public or private, infrastructure, commercial or industrial TECHGRID Designer Pro is a highly efficient and versatile tool for engineering

  • Walls can be designed in accordance with three of the most popular Standards / guidelines – BS 8006, AASHTO and NCMA
  • Analysis included external, internal and internal compound stability for both static and seismic conditions
  • Walls using wide range of facings can be designed – precast concrete discrete panels, precast concrete segmental blocks, gabions, wrap around with welded wire mesh and with soil filled bags.
  • Program generates detailed design reports
  • Program generates comprehensive construction drawings once the design is completed
  • Program also provides complete and accurate estimate of quantities
  • The design and drawing process is fully integrated and highly automated minimizing manual input by designers.


  • Being an advanced, accurate and powerful program, TDP helps to design safe and reliable reinforced soil walls.
  • With most commonly used design methods and facings included, you can quickly evaluate various options and arrive at the optimum solution.
  • With fully integrated and highly automated designs and drawings process, design submissions could be much faster.
  • Review and Proof Consultants could also use TDP to check the designs; this can speed up the review and approval process.
  • With automated generation of quantities and facility for online purchase, procurement of materials is fast and convenient.
  • Salient Features