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Copyright Disclaimer

Copyright ©2015 TechFab India Industries Limited, 712, Embassy Centre, Nariman Point,Mumbai-400021. All rights reserved.

Copyright in this website and software, the content therein, including text, images, artwork, photographs, audio, video material, computer code, inter alia on this website is owned by TechFab India Industries Limited [hereinafter referred to as 'TechFab'].

Any reproduction, publication, republication, adaption, transformation, translation or use in any form or media of the contents, or any part thereof, is strictly prohibited save for the user’s personal and non-commercial use only and provided due credit to the software is given and it is acknowledged as the source of the material used;

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TechFab zealously protects its intellectual property rights and takes each and every instance of violation of its intellectual property rights very seriously. TechFab, may, if necessary, take appropriate measures against any infringing activity including instituting legal proceedings for securing injunction restraining the infringing activity as well as claiming monetary compensation and loss of profits.